Flomodia Talks (FR)

How to reach 10K subscribers on YouTube? ft. Florent Bonnefont

Published on Nov. 20 2023

How to reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube?

The first and most complicated step you'll have to take as a content creator is to reach your first 1,000 subscribers.

Then... you're going to have to hang in there.

You're going to have to hang in there, because reaching 10K subscribers is even more complicated.

Both creators give up at that point, and in this talk, you'll learn:

- How to write your videos (because yes, you have to write them)

- Choosing the right formats

- Get views & reach your target

For this 14th talk, we welcome Florent Bonnefont (Flo to his friends), co-founder of Flomodia media and YouTube agency La Potion Rouge.

Enjoy, team