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How to create a MEMORABLE newsletter (that actually gets read) ft. Nina Ramen

Published on Nov. 15 2023

It's a well-known fact that to create a solid business, you don't have to depend on social media and collect e-mail addresses...

But once you've got them... what do you do with them?

A lot of companies and designers collect a ton of e-mails, but don't know what to do with them.

That's where the idea of creating a newsletter comes in!

The problem is, they're rarely read, or even worse, not even opened.

To create a newsletter that's irresistible and gets read, you need to respect several criteria... related to copywriting.

And that's exactly what Nina is going to share with you during this 9th DOERSTALK on the theme of "How to create an irresistible newsletter".

Nina has created a successful weekly newsletter on copywriting, and she'll be sharing her secrets with you so that you too can create a newsletter that people love to read.