Anyone can be an entrepreneur.

We encourage people to grow and elevate themselves through entrepreneurship.

Our why

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to nurturing personal growth and elevation through entrepreneurship.

We strive to inspire individuals to flourish by embracing the entrepreneurial journey, creating a platform that resonates with their ambitions and dreams.

We aim to build a vibrant community of thousands of active doers united across diverse themes and verticals.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge both in-person and remotely, welcoming personalities from various backgrounds and expertise.

This diversity in content and approach is our strength, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment for all.

We hold a steadfast belief in the power of possibility.

With the conviction that the seemingly impossible becomes achievable through hard work and determination, we aim to transform the entrepreneurial landscape.

Our vision is rooted in the idea that equipping individuals with the right resources and a driven mindset can make the impossible possible.

This journey towards achieving one's goals is the essence of true success, leading to genuine personal fulfillment.

We recognize the critical need for more meaningful content in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Our market is saturated with repetitive and superficial content, often lacking depth and honesty.

We aim to address this by introducing valuable, insightful, and transformative content that truly makes a difference.

While digital platforms offer convenience, we believe in the unparalleled value of diversity and real-world interactions.

Staying grounded, engaging face-to-face, and exchanging ideas in person are key to true education and understanding, going beyond mere learning.

We advocate for personal fulfillment beyond an organization's confines, where entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for individuals to discover and pursue their own paths to satisfaction and success.

Our vision is to create a dynamic ecosystem where individuals are empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions, enriched by a diverse and supportive community.

We strive to be a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering not just a platform but a journey toward self-fulfillment and the realization of the impossible.

Our commitment is to provide an environment where every individual can thrive, driven by their passions and supported by a community that believes in their potential.

Let’s f*cking do.


Our mission is to provide a holistic experience for entrepreneurs by sharing content that educates, inspires, and entertains.

We strive to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit with a blend of knowledge, creativity, and community support.

At the forefront of our approach is the cultivation of meaningful connections.

We create spaces where entrepreneurs can converge, share ideas, and grow together, regardless of their background.

This commitment to inclusivity fosters a supportive network that underpins our vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our culture. We believe in open, honest communication, ensuring every piece of content we share resonates with truth and clarity.

This commitment to straightforwardness builds trust and creates an environment conducive to learning and growth, free from pretenses and superficiality.

Our content goes beyond surface-level discussions.

We delve deeply into topics, providing thorough, insightful analyses.

This meticulous approach ensures we offer substantial value in every conversation, equipping entrepreneurs with comprehensive knowledge essential for their success.

Recognizing the varied preferences of our audience, we offer diverse content types across multiple platforms.

This strategy caters to all learning styles, making our resources widely accessible and engaging.

By embracing this diversity, we ensure that every entrepreneur finds something that resonates with their unique needs and interests.

Moreover, we organize events that are not just informative but also entertaining and accessible.

These events blend education with enjoyment, fostering a unique atmosphere encouraging continuous engagement and learning.

By striking this balance, we create enriching and enjoyable experiences, enhancing the entrepreneurial journey.

Through these initiatives, we aim to build an ecosystem that supports and enriches the entrepreneurial experience.

Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs, offering knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of community that propels them towards their goals.

In doing so, we ensure that our mission of empowering entrepreneurs is realized in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Our values

We go deep

We don't do things by halves. We want to bring maximum value to our audience. There's no question of just skimming over a project; we're going for the absolute truth to give you all the weapons you need.

We f*cking do

Stop listening to that little voice in your head and go for it. It's the only way to succeed. We push people to go for it, to take risks. And we love motivated, determined people.

We give first

We give before we expect to receive, always with kindness. We love difference and thrive on diversity. Our community can count on us just as we can count on them.

Flomodia, Florent BonnefontFlomodia, Mohamed Alaoui

Mo & Flo

Flomodia was founded by Mohamed Alaoui (Mo) and Florent Bonnefont (Flo). Discover the story of the 2 founders that led to the creation of Flomodia :

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Flomodia Timeline

(September 2020)
Flomodia timeline

We had the idea of creating our first podcast and started working on the first concept that would become VRAIE DE VRAI (no name yet at the time), the show in which we interview inspiring people for at least 3 hours.

We decided to call the channel "frenchdoers"... the start of a great adventure.

(November 2020)
Flomodia timeline

We're shooting the first episode of the format with Guillaume Moubeche. At the time, we were shit at video, and it was Erwann, Head of Video at Lempire, who did the setup.

(January 2021)
Flomodia timeline

We join Station F thanks to Mo's SaaS (Gymkee). A place where we met incredible entrepreneurs and where we shot many of the first episodes of Vrai de Vrai.

We put the YouTube channel's first-ever interview online by publishing Guillaume Moubeche's Vrai de Vrai on January 14.

(April 2022)
Flomodia timeline

We sign the Frenchdoers channel's first partner, Shine, the pro account for entrepreneurs.

(September 2022)
Flomodia timeline

We move with Guillaume and Lempire into a 900m2 space in the heart of Paris' 10th arrondissement to organize events for entrepreneurs.

We also take the opportunity to announce our new name, following an attack by the BPI, which owns a similar brand, "Frenchfabers".

So Frenchdoers becomes Flomodia (Flo from Florent, Mo from Mohamed and Dia from media).

PS: if you say "Flomedia," you remove Mo from the brand, and he won't be very happy (and you risk being bitten).

The choice of name is a nod to Ankama, for which the founders based themselves on this exact framework.

(November 2022)
Flomodia timeline

We reached the symbolic milestone of 10,000 subscribers on YouTube thanks to the podcast and exceeded 100,000 listens on streaming platforms.

(January 2023)
Flomodia timeline

On January 18, we're holding Flomodia's very first event to test the buzz. A first chill evening based on networking and games with unlimited pizza + drinks.

A success with over 150 participants.

(February 2023)
Flomodia timeline

From this month onwards, we decided to step up a gear and organize one event a week, every Wednesday, which will be free and in which we invite cracks in a specific theme.

For the first event, it's Thomas Meyer's turn as the first speaker on the topic of "Ranking number 1 on Google thanks to SEO".

It's also the very first event to be sponsored... by Ahrefs, the best SEO tool in the game.

(November 2023)
Flomodia timeline

Lempire decides to stop events for strategic reasons for them. For us, it's time to find our own place.

To do this, we decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise 50K€.

(December 2023)
Flomodia timeline

We secure 50,000€ with our audience thanks to the crowdfunding campaign. It was a brutal campaign in which we lost hope several times.

Find here all the contributors to this campaign that allowed us to finance the Temple of Entrepreneurship in Europe.

(January 2024)

Complete rebranding of Flomodia, co-financed by Fiverr and led by Axel Sani of branding studio Elias. It was time for us to create a truly strong brand around which we could unite our entrepreneurs.

Following this rebranding, Digidop, the world's best Webflow agency, took on the task of building Flomodia's new website.

(February 2024)

We pick up the keys to part of our new location at Wacano, thanks to Vivian. An initial 400m2 block is dedicated to events.

This first month will be dedicated to constructing this Temple of Entrepreneurship.

(March 2024)

Opening of the Temple of Entrepreneurship with a private party.