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Rodolphe Landemaine: Breaking traditional bakery codes by focusing on people

Published on Nov. 4 2021

Set up a network of around 30 bakeries in Paris and Tokyo!

Leave a positive impact on our surroundings and our planet by creating value.

Trained by the Compagnons du devoir, he quickly set about setting up and developing his own business!

A doer like we like them! Prepared from the start to succeed, he gave himself the means to achieve his ambitions.

A reminder of Rodolphe's various projects!

🥐 Maison Landemaine; A contemporary and responsible artisan bakery-pastry chain, established in Paris since 2007 and in Tokyo since 2015.

🍃 Landandmonkeys; this is the new 100% plant-based bakery that reinvents bakery essentials, established in the heart of Paris.

🥚 Tamagofood (YUMGO); these are plant-based egg substitutes with natural, allergen-free ingredients.

We invite you to go and discover and test these different visual and taste experiences.

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Enjoy your viewing and listening doers!