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Paul Lê: Building an online grocery EMPIRE with La Belle Vie from nothing

Published on Sep. 23 2021

Paul Lê is the co-founder of La Belle Vie, an ultra-quick fresh food delivery service with over 15,000 items.

In this exchange with Paul, we talk about his childhood in the 91, in the pyramids, his parents who fled Vietnam to come to France, his departure for the United States, his passion for rugby, his first jobs, his first businesses, his failures, the moments of doubt, the success and rise of a company, having a child and stability in his couple in short lots of super interesting subjects, you'll have understood.

We'll let you find out in the episode!

Recommendation before you start:

You start this episode around 6:30 pm, order a good pizza at the same time as us and go into a discussion with a crazy entrepreneur and especially with incredible human values for 5h30 (yes you're going to bed at 00h that's ok)