Flomodia Talks (FR)

The secrets behind the content of the best e-businesses (Wethenew, Coudac, Rebelle Snacks,...)

Published on Dec. 23 2023

In this round table, we'll talk about:

- Why it's important to create content when you have an e-commerce business
- Different content creation strategies
- The different platforms and their uses (in relation to different types of e-commerce)
- How to create and optimize content (using AI in particular)
- The real impact of content creation on your business and how to track it
- The future of e-commerce content creation and the use of AI.

This event is organized in collaboration with Fiverr, the best platform for finding the best freelancers in France and abroad to help you design your packaging, write your product sheets or publish the best possible content on your platforms.

It's thanks to them that we can continue to offer you more and more incredible events, so a big thank you to Axelle, Franck and the whole Fiverr team for their trust.