Flomodia Talks (FR)

Make $100M in ARR: the playbook ft. Jonathan Anguelov of Aircall

Published on Fev. 13 2024

For this new discussion on stage, we're happy to welcome someone we know very well: Jonathan Anguelov.

Jon was a guest on our signature show "VRAIE DE VRAI", where he talked for 4 hours about his career.

If you don't know Jonathan, he's the co-founder of one of France's finest startups: Aircall.

Aircall is a Next40 company, and a centaur in that it generates over €100m in ARR.

In this discussion, we'll be discussing his career path and encouraging him to share with us everything he's put in place to create a company generating over €100m in ARR.

The discussion is moderated by:

- Guillaume Moubeche, "G" of lempire
- Mohamed Alaoui, "Mo" of flomodia.
- Florent Bonnefont, flomodia's "Flo".