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10 SECRETS to SELL B2B SaaS (and reach $1M in ARR) ft. Quentin Despas

Published on Jan. 16 2023

When you think of "B2B SaaS sales", for many people, it just comes to mind:

- Boring
- Rug salesman
- Intrusive
- Forcing

and a host of other not-so-nice terms...

The thing is, a lot has changed since B2B SaaS sales first existed... except B2B SaaS sales. 😅

Infinitely yes, the only thing that has changed is that we no longer say "Commercial" but "Sales" or "SDR" or even better... "Account Executive".

It makes the job sexier, and helps us move away from the increasingly frowned-upon word "Commercial".

Both players and companies in the USA have begun to make changes.

Hubspot comes to mind, as do authors and, above all, books like "The Challenger Sale".

The problem is that it takes a long time for things to happen and to be applied.

That's why we decided to organize this talk with the boss of the field: Quentin Despas.

With his company MeetYourMarket, he supports companies selling B2B SaaS by coaching their sales staff.

His main mission is to create real machines while reconciling prospects with salespeople.

To create formidable sales teams that explode their targets, while avoiding manipulation, dishonesty, incompetence and the search for shortcuts.

During this talk, he'll share actionable sales tips and how you can apply them immediately afterwards.