Vraie de Vrai

Romain Vidal: €200,000,000 raised and invested in over 50 projects

Published on Oct. 21 2021

Hello doers!

We meet again today for an episode worthy of a masterclass 🤯

Sit back and take notes, the lesson is about to start. Romain tells us his incredible story;

A difficult childhood linked to moving around a lot (12 different schools!).

Getting kicked out of his parents' house at 16 because of joints & bullshit and ending up in care

Unfulfilled dream of becoming an airline pilot

One of the first in France in affiliation & Forex

Earned up to €20K a month while still a student

His beginnings in finance

His debut as a VC investor with CapHorn

A 1-hour masterclass on the workings of investment funds

His driving force for the future with his children

His next exciting project