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From RSA to 4 million euros in 3 years ft. Guillaume Moubeche

Published on Jan. 13 2021

Guillaume Moubeche is the co-founder and CEO of the incredible startup lemlist 🚀‍

As well as being an excellent entrepreneur, he's an incredible person with crazy energy and a strong desire to help even more entrepreneurs get started. Guillaume has already done a huge number of podcasts, but he's decided to deliver himself entirely at our place (well, his place) in the evening with some good sushi.‍

Despite the perception people may have of successful entrepreneurs, Guillaume comes from a very long way back and grew up in a very modest family.‍

He was born and raised in Paris, a city in which he will follow his classical schooling without being a very good student. He admits to being dissipated, and shares a lot of anecdotes about his schooling (notably his charming side with its surges of hormones in high school 👀).‍

Guillaume got into entrepreneurship with his father, who was a graphic designer, by launching a textile company with which he wanted to sell some pretty cool and stylish t-shirts. This first experience didn't end well for Guillaume, who expected to sell a huge number of t-shirts as soon as the site was launched... an entrepreneurial dream he shares with us in this episode.‍ He bounced back by launching a business development company with a friend of his (Badis) whom he met at HEC. That's how he got into the prospecting business.

Appointment after appointment, he made several mistakes, notably by underestimating the value of his services, and decided to stop being a slave to his clients as an agency. He left the company and earned back just €1,500.‍After leaving the company he decided to embark on another project, and to do so he asked freelancers for help... particularly in Russia. On a whim, he went to Russia, to a godforsaken place where he was really afraid for his life! He reveals a rather creepy anecdote in the full interview.‍

As he embarks on this project, he'll meet other brilliant entrepreneurs at STATION F: Vianney & François.‍

Enjoy your viewing or listening!