Vraie de Vrai

Becoming France's growth queen in less than 4 years

Published on May 31 2022

Coralie is an incredible entrepreneur!

In 2017, she decided to co-found Spaag with her startup studio.

Today Spaag is:

- The #1 growth agency
- A profitable business from day 1
- A team of 30+ rockstars
- Enormous growth year after year on our own funds
- The takeover of Germinal (a company in the same sector) in early 2022.

On top of this, Coralie launched a board game that has sold over 100,000 copies since its creation.

She's used all the growth techniques she shares for herself... and it's worked.

In this 3-hour Vraie de Vrai interview on frenchdoers media, she talks to us:

- Her childhood and school career
- Her first jobs
- Her life in England and what she learned there
- The big advantages of co-founding a startup with a studio
- How to recruit top talent
- Setting up & running a bootstrap company
- How she manages her days
- How she manages her personal relationships
- How she makes her marriage last

On top of that, we had a special visit in the middle of an interview with a former guest. 👀

Thank you Coralie for these 3 hours spent with us, we loved it!