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More than 50 YEARS of entrepreneurship and business shared by Catherine Painvin

Published on Jun. 15 2022

Catherine Painvin is an incredible woman.

She always knew she wanted to be her own boss.
She always dreamed of freedom.
For as long as she can remember, she's wanted to go big.
She'd always set no limits for herself.

At just 24, she already had over 100 employees and a profitable business.

She dressed the children of the world's most famous personalities with Tartine & Chocolat.
She accommodated the world's greatest personalities with her guest houses.

50 years of entrepreneurship,
50 years of incredible business anecdotes,
50 years of feedback she agreed to share with us in this incredible 6-hour episode.

Business, love, betrayals, advice, experience and anecdotes are what you can expect during this great episode with Catherine.

We hope you enjoy this timeless 6-hour interview.

Yes, 6 hours.

6 hours of a special episode for this incredible woman who has lived so much.

Enjoy your viewing & listening.