Mohamed Alaoui (Mo)

Vlog 2 | Work work work work work

Published on Sep. 20 2017

My days are still very basic. I was thinking of starting up dailyvlogs, but I spend my days reading and working, and it's pretty much always the same. For the time being, I'm going to stick to a few vlogs a week and move on to dailyvlogs as soon as the company is up and running and there's some real action.

For the moment, I'm working on myself as much as possible. I'm mainly reading business books, because my goal is to be CEO, and a CEO has to sell first and foremost. I took advantage of my time at Ecole 42 to learn the basics of programming, which I'll continue to explore so that I'm perfectly capable of communicating with my future developers and engineers on the projects to be set up without losing face.

The technical side remains very important to me and I intend to master several programming languages, for the moment I'm only able to program in C, HTML and CSS.

As seen in the vlog, I still have a lot to learn and develop, such as my diction problem. The CEO is the person who represents the company and takes all the speeches. I need to work on my elocution and the way I speak.

Note to self:

You didn't work your ass off enough this week, get active. You're not going to become a billionaire by scratching your balls and getting up at 9 a.m., get back to your good habits, 5 a.m. was perfect. If you want to live the life you want, you've got to work a little harder, a lot harder. Right now, you're more of a loudmouth than anything else. Challenge yourself to 2 pounds a week?

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