Flomodia Talks (FR)

How to reach anyone? ft. Mohamed Alaoui

Published on Nov. 10 2023

Since I'm the one who writes the posts... for this one I'm going to write in the first person, it'll be nicer. :)

Why this talk?

That's a good question.

Quite simply because this theme is close to my heart and, above all, close to Flo and me.

Two and a half years ago, when we launched the medium, we didn't know a soul.

We were starting from scratch:

We didn't go to university

No parents with a network

Close network far from it all

To remedy this, we came up with our hack: launch a podcast format.

The thing is, we didn't just launch a podcast.

We launched a different kind of podcast, one we'd worked hard and thought hard on.

A 3-hour podcast, with real questions that need to be answered without bullshit.

Yes, 3 hours.

The question we've been asked a lot is how do you get such inspiring people for 3 hours... when you don't have a network?

I'm sharing with you exactly how we made it possible for you, too, to reach anyone.

Let's go!